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If you are tired of sifting through search results for ‘air conditioning installation near me’, you’re in luck! Guardian Heating and Air Conditioning is one of the leading air conditioning installation companies with the best air conditioner installers ready to provide excellent central air installation in Midland, TX.

An air conditioner is one of the significant long-term investments you’ll make for your home. That means it is costly, so you don’t want to keep replacing it over and over. That is why you need to select and install the right one. The market today is flooded with many AC models. So, you want to identify the reputable air conditioning installation companies near you. If you are looking for certified, insured and professional air conditioner installers, get in touch with us.

When you search ‘air conditioning installation near me’ online, you’re looking for a company that serves your area. That way, you are assured of timely services and reasonable service fees. If you live in Midland, TX and need expert central air installation services, look no further. Our team of highly-trained air conditioner installers can handle even the most complicated AC models. Whatever your AC needs are, you can count on us.


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Guardian Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Installers

When choosing between air conditioner installers in Midland, TX, check whether you can also rely on them for repair services. As a homeowner, you know that appliances tend to get damaged at the worst possible time. When this occurs, it’s better if you can get the same air conditioner installers to fix it. Be sure to also ask about the warranty. This is because if you need repair services within the warranty period for the AC unit, you will not need to pay the central air installation company for the repairs.

Has your old AC stalled during a hot summer day? If it is beyond repair, you can count on us for a new central air installation within the shortest time possible. As a company, we have grown and expanded our service areas to serve our clients better. We have professional air conditioner installers ready to serve you in Amarillo, Tahoka, Slaton, Post, Brownfield, Littlefield, Levelland, Plainview, Idalou, and Ralls, TX.

Guardian Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation Near Me

You may be looking for air conditioning installation near me because your AC unit is old. Generally, AC units should last between 10 and 15 years. Older units are less efficient and thus use up more energy over time. If you notice that your AC unit needs regular repairs, then this may mean it’s time to invest in a new one. Installing a new unit will save you more in the long run in terms of repairs and energy costs.  Keep in mind that AC units also need servicing at least once a year to maintain their efficiency.

Do you need expert air conditioning installation in Midland, TX? Reach out to us, and our central air installation experts will get your new unit up and running in no time. They will also recommend the best and most energy-efficient model based on your needs. If you have an old model, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient system to lower your energy costs.

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Guardian Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation Companies

Are your energy bills through the roof? Then it may be time to get a new AC system. If your energy bills have gone up significantly with little if any changes to your consumption, chances are that you have an overworked AC. In such a case, it is best to upgrade to newer equipment. This way, you will reduce your bills in the months and years to come. Not only that, but upgrading also reduces carbon emissions and improves the air quality in your home.

As one of the leading air conditioning installation companies in the area, our primary objective is to protect your comfort. That is why we go above the call of duty to guarantee high-quality services. We hand-pick the very best AC experts and recommend top-quality AC models. You can also count on us for professional AC maintenance and repairs. Call today for your free estimate.

Our Testimonials
  • Carl Sundell Avatar
    Carl Sundell
    7/06/2019 - Facebook

    Guardian is very professional and thorough about protecting our air conditioning system. They know how to diagnose a problem and... read more

    Luke Quebe Avatar
    Luke Quebe
    12/06/2018 - Facebook

    We had Zach and his crew replace our old, inefficient, clunker of an a/c. They installed a new furnace, condenser,... read more

    Kendra Welch Avatar
    Kendra Welch
    9/22/2018 - Facebook

    We trust him with all our properties. It’s been a great experience for us.

  • Gulrez Khan Avatar
    Gulrez Khan
    5/22/2018 - Facebook

    Zack does an awesome job!! Also, Zack has played an instrumental role in preparing best HVAC graduates while teaching HVAC... read more

    Christi Chavez Jones Avatar
    Christi Chavez Jones
    5/04/2018 - Facebook

    Zack is awesome! He is great at what he does and even came after hours. Highly recommend Guardian... read more

    Jason Mote Avatar
    Jason Mote
    4/21/2018 - Facebook

    Top notch customer service and quality work!! Highly recommend this company for any heating or AC issues.

  • Josh Pruitt Avatar
    Josh Pruitt
    6/11/2017 - Facebook

    I would not even think about using anyone else! The guys at Guardian are as professional as they come.... read more

    Shelly Witt Nutt Avatar
    Shelly Witt Nutt
    1/06/2017 - Facebook

    Zach was polite, on time, efficient, and his price was reasonable. I'd definitely recommend him.

    Bobby Alvarado Avatar
    Bobby Alvarado
    1/06/2017 - Facebook

    Fixed my mother in law's stove. Great Job..I would highly recommend him...

  • Bradley Rangel Avatar
    Bradley Rangel
    1/06/2017 - Facebook

    Always does a great job at our home and business!

    Jeff Renegar Avatar
    Jeff Renegar
    12/15/2016 - Facebook

    Top notch customer service! He goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you need at a fair... read more

    Paige Brown Palmentera Avatar
    Paige Brown Palmentera
    6/11/2016 - Facebook

    Zach came and repaired the air conditioner on a Saturday, and didn't charge an arm and a leg! He diagnosed... read more

  • Sidney Stewart Avatar
    Sidney Stewart
    3/03/2016 - Facebook

    You went above and beyond to figure out what was wrong with my system. I had several companies out... read more

    Michael N Aimee Perez Avatar
    Michael N Aimee Perez
    3/03/2016 - Facebook

    Always ready to take care of our Nursing Home in Hale Center- Thanks from Hale Center Health & Rehab.

    Rosita Torres Avatar
    Rosita Torres
    7/23/2015 - Facebook

    He is very quick and knowledgeable, I called him and he showed up in 5 minutes had my AC back... read more

  • Daniel Humphreys Avatar
    Daniel Humphreys
    6/07/2015 - Facebook

    He was my instructor at college and very knowledgeable!!!!!

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