Go With the Flow

Go With the Flow

Is your ductwork doing its job in Lubbock, TX?

It’s great to have working heating and air conditioning units, but if your ductwork isn’t set up correctly, your HVAC system could be working too hard. Air flow between rooms depends on:
  • The pressure within the rooms
  • The resistance air might encounter in ducts
  • The power of your particular HVAC system

Contact Guardian Heating & Air, LLC to check your system’s air flow to make sure you’re getting the hot and cold air you need.

We offer duct installations to improve your system’s efficiency

When your furnace and AC units are working as they should, air flow issues are typically related to the ductwork. You might have clogs or slowdowns from debris, or you might not have enough ducts and drops. Guardian Heating & Air, LLC will add ductwork, where necessary, to improve air flow in each of your rooms. Call 806-778-4499 today to schedule an air flow consultation.